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Higher Power Foundation is a spiritual recovery centre for the care and sustained well-being of alcohol and drug dependants. We are an upscale, ISO – CERTIFIED rehabilitation centre, yet affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility.

We at Higher Power Foundation help people transform their lives by providing the highest quality de-addiction treatment and continuing care-services in a safe, serene and comfortable homely environment. We offer a comprehensive approach to the recovery process through the universal 12-Step program. We address the full range of patient, family and professional needs including treatment and continuing care for youth and adults. Our goal is to help people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction, thus becoming responsible and productive members of society again.

Why Higher Power Foundation?

The goal of any addiction treatment program is to build a sustainably responsible individual, who having overcome the powerlessness of his addiction now needs to deal with the harsh reality of existing without dependence on any mind altering substance. Our excellent Staff-to-Client ratio is focused towards this goal in not only unshackling one from the grips of addiction but also ensuring an accountability ethos built on spiritual grounds.

Every addict/alcoholic seeks freedom but is unwilling to pay the price associated with it. It’s only When he is able to seek and find identification with fellow sufferers that does he realize that freedom from drugs/alcohol and personal freedom though seemingly different, doesn’t have to be. The freedom from pain that he so longs for becomes a reality as he learns to live life on life’s terms. As the addict/alcoholic gets unshackled from the chains of bondage to their substances they desire the freedom known only to those who are willing to walk along a spiritual path. An awakening and enabling of this desire is a goal at HPF



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