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What is Alcoholism ?

Alcoholism can be defined as a chronic disease. Although the disease is often progressive and can be fatal, it is also treatable. People who are drinking ever – increasing amounts of alcohol and who become irritable when they don’t drink, are clearly at risk for alcoholism. However, none of their problems will be resolved with alcohol consumption but will instead create additional problems with its devastating effects.

What is that makes alchol so addictive?

Alcohol addiction develops when you drink so much that chemical changes in the brain occur. These changes increase the pleasurable feelings you get when you drink alcohol. This makes you want to drink more often, even if it causes harm. Additionally, the interaction of numerous genes are believed to contribute to the development of the disorder.

What are the signs of Alcoholism ?

The person uses alcohol for longer periods of time or in greater amounts than they intended.

Regular inattention to family and professional obligations.

Gets increase in expressions of anger when alcohol is not readily available.

continuing to drink even when legal, social, or economic problems develop.

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