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Medical Care and Detox

Medical Care and Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addication

The clinical needs of our client remain a top priority, especially in the early days of the treatment program. Owing to years of abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs the patient often finds himself in a critical state of health. Instances of Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Strokes, Hepatitis-C, Hypertension aren’t uncommon amongst the alcoholic / addict.

Our medical care system ensures a thorough and well planned Detox and Clinical assistance to help the client deal with the agony of this part of one’s recovery.

A dedicated nursing staff works closely with the client for administering medicines, monitoring vitals and assessing special health needs. The client finds this access to Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists and clinicians comforting as they move along the rugged road of early recovery.

We achieve this through a well setup in-house procedural outlay that includes

Process of Treatment

Early Bio-Investigation & Diagnosis

The tests carried out as part of the early medical check include a Complete Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Random Blood Sugar and ECG. We are currently associated with V.S. Diagnostics for all of our bio-investigations.

In-House consultation

The pre-treatment phase of recovery begins with the consultation of all our patients with the visiting physicians. An early diagnosis of any pre-existing medical condition like liver/kidney damage, hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes ensures that the patient is put on the right treatment plan for his medical condition. The treatment process includes a medical and nutritional treatment plan. This is followed up with regular (weekly) check-ups by the physician.

Special Needs Consultation

There are instances where the severity of the medical condition would require the patient to undergo a specialized treatment for which we have a tie-up with Specialist Hospital, a premier Multi Speciality Hospital in the locality. OPD, Day-Care and In-Patient services are offered at this hospital.

Well Stocked Medicine Inventory

We follow a strict and disciplined method of storage and dispensing of medicines for our patients.

Psychiatric Evaluation

One cannot ignore the mental health of a patient recovering from Addiction/Alcoholism. Sometimes a dual diagnosis means there a need for a better support environment. A psychiatric evaluation and medication helps in this process.

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